CODE MOBILE visits Westpark

Code Mobile group came yesterday to teach some grade 4s and 5s about coding.
Code Mobile is a non-profit government organization that provides free coding workshops to children and teens across Montreal. Their aim is to get young learners excited about coding and to develop knowledge of technology, particularly in elementary-aged youth and girls.
Our students had an amazing time yesterday using Scratch Coding Software to learn about programming algorithms and to create digital and interactive artwork.
The Scratch software is available for free online and many students went home yesterday night to continue working with the software.
Thank you to Jayne Mandat and Rosana Montoute for providing each student with their own Macbook Pro to use and for guiding the Code Mobile workshop.

Mohawk Dancer Visits Grade 3

On Friday Grade 3 classes were treated to a wonderful performance by a Mohawk dancer. The children learned about her life, and strong attachement to her ancestors. They also learn a dance titled the Crocodile dance. She performed a traditional hoop dance that is often danced at Pow-wows. A hoop dancer uses hoops to recreate different parts of nature and their lives. Can you recognize images?

WE Create Change

We are asking Westpark students to bring in loose change every day this week to raise funds to purchase a goat for a family in Kenya. This simple coin collection campaign can empower families with opportunities they would otherwise never attain.

Please take a minute to watch the presentation prepared by the Westpark Leaders, participate everyday and have fun , especially on GOATEE Thursday!

Even just a little change, can add up to some BIG changes!