WE Create Change

We are asking Westpark students to bring in loose change every day this week to raise funds to purchase a goat for a family in Kenya. This simple coin collection campaign can empower families with opportunities they would otherwise never attain.

Please take a minute to watch the presentation prepared by the Westpark Leaders, participate everyday and have fun , especially on GOATEE Thursday!

Even just a little change, can add up to some BIG changes!

Les Fables de la Fontaine

Thank you to Mr Graeur, Mme Lisa, Mme Boileau, Mme Chelsea, Ms Niunka, Ms Ashlea and Mme Black because you’re such an amazing dedicated and talented group of people you were able to bring out the talent in such an amazing group of students. All the students impressed us tremendously whether they were actors, dancers, singers, or the crew it’s the combined effort that made the play such a success.

Westpark Academic Olympics 2018

After two weeks of fierce competition, the Grade 6s of 214 have completed the 2018 Westpark Academic Olympic Games. Competing in events based on English, Math, French, Social Studies, Science, Phys Ed, Drama and Music, they learned a lot and got some exercise while they were at it. All events were well planned and their hard work made for a great time.

Congratulations to all academic athletes and a special congrats to the overall winners Jamaica, Brazil and Norway.