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Dare to Care Week

Westpark welcomed Dare to Care for grades 5-6 this week to talk about bullying. Students came away with great insights and reflection:
“No one’s life is perfect. We should give the gift of listening whether we think a problem seems major or minor”
“Everybody has feelings – just because someone doesn’t look hurt, doesn’t mean you didn’t hurt them.”
“We all have a part in this story called life and a part to play. Some people aren’t playing their part and are breaking their story”
“You might never know what someone else is thinking or feeling, so try to put yourself in their shoes before you speak”.
Thank you for all your openness, honesty and hard work, students!

2019 Student Vote

On Friday, October 18, Mme Lisa and Mme O’s grade 6 classes joined students across Canada in the 2019 Student Vote. More than 9,500 schools nation-wide are involved in this campaign, making this the largest student parallel program in Canada.

For the past several weeks, our students have been actively engaging in all things #Elections2019 (class discussions, watching the political debates, and even creating their own list of priorities, political platforms and publicity campaigns).

We are thrilled with our students’ level of interest and civic engagement. They now understand the importance of making their voices heard. Have you voted yet?