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Inspirational field trip to the Holocaust Museum

One of our grade 6 student, Kayla Fraenkel, was so moved during her school field trip to the Holocaust Museum that she wanted to put her thoughts to paper, we wanted to share her beautiful thoughts.

Thoughts on the Holocaust
by Kayla Fraenkel

I had the amazing opportunity to go to the only Holocaust museum in Canada earlier today!

We had a very interesting, inspiring, and incredible tour guide, his name is “Mr.Peter Mann”. Peter, has a 90 year old father, and his mother past away from age…but, it was different for Mann’s grandparents. They were killed from the torture and horrible way of living during The Second World War. I love the way Peter taught us about this! He really feels for the subject. He teaches it with such passion!

Through the time at the museum, I have to admit it, I was getting drained. And little legs were hurting. I was SO HUNGRY! My head was killing me. But I was pushed. I had the feeling that I can’t complain. The information about the hard life some people were put through, somehow kept me going till the end when I could sit, relax, and eat.

We waited in the hall of the museum for a few minutes. Killing time until the buses came to bring us back to school. A lady was standing next to me, putting on her coat. She looked very weak, maybe even sad. Out of politeness I asked “what’s your name?” She responded with “I’m not your age.” I wondered. She was a bit strange. I followed by asking why she was there. She replied saying, “I’m a survivor! Does that tell you anything?!” In a frustrated voice. I said “well. Better get warm for the cold. And very nice! I’m happy you are here with us today.” We then said bye.

A few minutes later… I saw a man sitting down. Drinking a cup of coffee. Like the other lady, he looked weak. Maybe even sad. I couldn’t help it, but ask his name. He had some accent, I believe Hungarian! I didn’t understand him!

Joe is a survivor as well, after talking with him for a while he really taught me a lot. I had tears already in my eyes and a lump in my throat. He had told me that he didn’t have the tattoo, but he had bracelets on his ankles, he showed us the marks, bruses, and scars from those bracelets, he still has pain when he walks sometimes. As I was walking away, he grabbed my hand. He said “what’s your name again sweetie?” I said “Kayla” he said “Kayla, you are a special girl. Thank You.

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