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Mohawk Dancer Visits Grade 3

On Friday Grade 3 classes were treated to a wonderful performance by a Mohawk dancer. The children learned about her life, and strong attachement to her ancestors. They also learn a dance titled the Crocodile dance. She performed a traditional hoop dance that is often danced at Pow-wows. A hoop dancer uses hoops to recreate different parts of nature and their lives. Can you recognize images?

Grade 3 free all- inclusive Art Club during lunch

Ms. Reina and Ms. Barrera initiated a free and all-inclusive art club for all G

rade 3’s during lunch hour. Each week, we prepared an art activity for them. Here are some photos of their precious works of art. This club was a wonderful experience for students to express their inner creative sides.

We are so sad that Ms Reina and Ms. Barrera left us but we wish them good luck, hopefully we will see them back at Westpark soon!